I lived in Sydney all my life but in 2015 I settled down to suburban life in Melbourne with my family.

I discovered my passion for photography when I first travelled overseas in 1999. Since then I have photographed my trips (mainly on film) through South America, Australia, Antarctica, Italy, Africa, France, Germany, Spain, Tonga and Japan.

My photography focus changed when I had children.  I was able to combine my love for travel, family and photography when we travelled to my favourite destination, Japan, in 2013 and 2015.

My background is in IT and Recruitment however in 2015 I reconsidered my career.  I wanted a new challenge. I looked into stock photography to fit with my parenting role.

I am honoured to be a founding contributor with a new uniquely all-Australian stock image library, Austockphoto. They are 100% independent with 100% local Australian talent.

This is an exciting partnership and I look forward to working alongside talented Australian artists to build this carefully curated collection of all-Australian stock photography.

I am motivated and inspired to learn and grow my photography business and continue developing my photography skills.

You can find my images capturing my view of Australian life at austockphoto.






Image by Shane Nixon.